Saturday, November 15, 2014


This is my little friend Reina. She is eight years old. She has been learning English these past couple years. Her native language is Japanese.

When I first met her, Reina was a baby, a very active and excitable baby. What impressed me from that moment was her unusual energy -- a very positive, physical energy. The type that makes everyone around her feel good.

As she grew a bit older, she started to compare me to a Japanese television character. That character is a dog, a lovable dog I was told. I hope that is true.

More recently, Reina has been attending a public school in the Bay Area and also has been watching KQED-TV.

Of course, since we are a public television station, we provide children's programming that many parents, including Reina's, feel is safe and educational for their kids.

In a sea of advertising-driven commercial TV, our programs are almost the only option for parents who do not want their young children to become addicted to the other kind of least not until they are a bit older and more discerning.

Reina wrote KQED a letter last week, thanking us for what we do.

On KQED stationary, I wrote her a letter back.

This was her response, getting her first letter ever.



Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Youngest Soccer Player

Julia playing on Morgan Hill the weekend before last, as photographed by Chris Doyle.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Wintry Postcard From Missoula

(Photo by Aidan.)

It snowed overnight in Missoula. This is how it looked outside the boys' dorm this morning. It's so nice having been there last month, because I can recognize the place and remember being there.

I'm glad we got the boys warm boots during our recent visit. We knew this kind of storm would be coming. The boys resisted -- they hate shopping -- but I'm hoping and betting they are happy today we did that then!


Sunday, November 09, 2014

Another Winning Sunday

Photo: Julia executing a perfect pass to one of her teammates today, as her team, Athena White (wearing red) beat a tough opponent 3-2. My favorites moment? Julia's first foul of the season. It occurred at about the 50 yard line. After a girl fouled her, she fouled back, pushing her to the ground out of bounds.

In these situations, referees see the second push, not the first. NP, no difference. Athena won the game.