Friday, December 18, 2015

More Homecomings

Aidan and Zaira came home late last night, so most of the gang is here now. Peter planning to drive up Tuesday or so. Hope to see him tomorrow for brunch.

At work I am once again in charge of supervising the weekly TV news show, which is something I like being a part of. I'm not really a TV person per se but I learn a lot being around the crew in the control room and talking with the guests in the Green Room and after the show.

It's chilly here with the rain looking to be on the way. the good news this month is we have gotten a lot of snow in the northern Sierra, which is the most important source of our water throughout the year (Inot rain or groundwater.

The snows melt in spring and summer and flow down into reservoirs -- this is how California channels its water from, in San Francisco's case, the Hetch Hetchy all the way to the coast. It looks like the next storm may be Sunday or sooner.

Got almost all my Christmas shopping to do still, and feeling the pressure. But also looking forward to being with family and celebrating the holiday. I intent to work a light schedule the next two weeks -- only 7 of the 10 days with shortened hours. Hope to oredr gifts this weekend!


Thursday, December 17, 2015


This morning, I drove back up to Napa for the second time in the past week and the fourth time in the past two months to bring Julia home. Her term at the Oxbow School for the Arts has finished. She said the past 48 hours have been emotional, with lots of tears, as everyone said their good-byes, but she actually seemed more composed than I had expected.

We loaded up all of her stuff, but then realized neither she nor I knew how to configure the bike rack so we could also bring back her bike. Luckily, two other parents who were also there picking up their daughters helped us out and we got the sucker tied down and ready to do. A nice reminder to always ask others for help when you do not know what to do.

One of them told me, "You could go all the way to Florida with that," which brought up lots of memories.

Traffic was heavy. Finally back in the Mission we stopped by El Matate to get lunch for both of us and Dylan. Four of my KQED staff arrived there the same time we did. I stayed in the car (illegal parking) while Julia handled the order. It sounds like they were all too shy to talk, which is regrettable.

Then we drove to Bernal, where Dylan helped us unload Julia's bags, and we ate that lunch.

After that, I drove home and worked from here. The whole time I have been thinking about how we raise our kids, have dreams for them, and how we are among the lucky. Julia's experience at Oxbow has been amazing.

I also realized that I had blown off a phone message by Jeffry Toobin.


He and I will reconnect tomorrow.