Saturday, May 16, 2015


The Missoula kids arrive at SFO!

A Double Latte is a Good Thing

When you get to my age and stage of life, sometimes it is the little things you notice that seem to make the most difference as to how you feel. The big picture is just that -- the big picture -- and it often feels there is not much you can do to alter it.

But in your daily life, here and there a detail matters.

This week my youngest discovered coffee. She's 16 and growing up fast. This morning, after picking her up from the SPCA, where she walks dogs, she asked to go by Starbuck's, which is right next to KQED (where I work) and she ordered a double latte and a croissant.

I don't know why but I felt proud of her. When she orders in restaurants and cafes, she now speaks clearly and smiles. The barista could hear her. She seems to have a new confidence lately.

Back home, she asked to borrow my laptop to look at some tennis shoes from As she did that she noticed that my Firefox browser defaults to, which is a worthless service, instead of my preference, Google.

She tried to fix it.

I think that is the first time in along time she offered to do something that would make my life easier. I felt very grateful to her.

After dropping her off at her Mom's in late morning (so she can go with a friend to an art class this afternoon), I got a call from her 20-year-old brother in Missoula. He and his 19-year-old brother and his 20-year-old girlfriend are about to begin their flights home for the summer after their freshman years at University of Montana.

They needed a bit of money, since the airlines now charge for bags. Not a problem, since we have linked bank accounts.

Anticipation -- the most powerful emotional state. We are all anticipating having the boys back home.