Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Father's Day

First, sorry this photo is blurry. My camera is failing and I'll have to remember to switch to my iPhone from now on to get good photos.

It was a very nice gathering for my 41st Father's Day, with Peter and Claire, Sarah and her three boys, Aidan and Julia all here.

Aidan has returned from Missoula and will now spend the summer here, working at the same market as Dylan, who had to work on Sunday. Aidan is particularly good with his nephews, who are energetic and physical. Laila and her family spent the day at China Camp, a great Bay Area location.

At KQED we were hacked last Thursday with a virus planted in most of our systems. Working has been challenging over the past week, but we on the online team have been pretty consistent since we use Macs and the hack involved PCs.

I'm working from home today, as I do most Wednesdays now. Trying to reduce the stress of the workweek.

The news is difficult when it comes to our national situation. There are many moments I fear for our country, its Constitution and our freedoms.