Saturday, March 25, 2017

Happy (Early) Birthday Party, Dylan!

No photos this time but last night we celebrated Dylan's upcoming 21st birthday. A bunch of us gathered last night for a very nice dinner party at Bernal Heights.

Dylan, as always, is a charming, self-deprecating host, quite the life of the party. His big news is that he has been accepted by U-C Santa Cruz starting this fall.

His younger sister, Julia, has grown up into a lovely and articulate woman, gracefully answering the constant questions everyone asks her about colleges. (She's been accepted by four to date.)

Peter and Claire talked about their jobs at Yelp and Google.

Noting that David Rockefeller died earlier this week, at age 101, I told the story from many years ago when I met him in his townhouse in the upper east side of Manhattan. He poured me a martini that he had mixed himself and we exchanged polite conversation.

Then I asked him about reports that his long-time friend, Henry Kissinger, had been indicted as a war criminal by the world court in Italy for his part in conductiing the terrible bombings of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in the Nixon administration.

"Hah," said Rockefeller. "Henry certainly is a war criminal!"


Wednesday, March 22, 2017