Friday, October 23, 2015

Online Shopping

The back part of this week was dominated by virtual commercial activity around here.

First, on impulse, I ordered Google Cardboard, a sort of virtual reality prototype that is very cheap. Dylan will probably help me assemble it later tonight.

Then, since his third birthday party is this Sunday, I ordered a size 3 soccer ball for Oliver. That arrived today.

I got a message from Julia that she would like a sweatshirt, maybe for Christmas. I ordered it today and she will get it next week, a few days after her 17th birthday.

Tonight, Dylan and I ordered Indian food from Spicy Bite, which arrived a bit ago and we have consumed about half of it.

As close as I have followed and covered the tech revolution, it still amazes me how much the Internet has changed our lifestyles. None of this would have been possible 21 years ago.

Now it is routine.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Break

Came home at mid-day to drive my youngest son to Trader Joe's, where he dropped off a job application form. He gets very nervous about things like this and he thinks people can tell. But he didn't look nervous as he handed the application to a man behind the counter at the back of the store.

The man looked it over, said they are indeed hiring, and asked Dylan what his favorite TJ product is. He said a Mac & Cheese that it is easy to microwave and the guys smiled and said, "That *is* good."

They shook hands and I thought I could see a flicker of positive impression cross the man's expression. Dylan is such a good kid; he probably doesn't realize it yet but people can sense that about him. Honest, smart, funny, a bit shy in a good way.

I hope he gets a job soon for his sake. I think he finds job searching much more stressful than school. He told me this "gap year" has already made going back to school an attractive option.