Friday, June 08, 2018

Days Off

Taking my third straight day off from work, which I do not think I have ever done before in the past 52 years of working.

But the luxury of it feels good -- I suppose this is what retirement would feel like. Not having to endure the depredations of bosses who don't know anything about what they are doing and are only pursuing their own egocentric agendas. But I'll never know retirement.

Did I tell you that I now hate my job? I am old, frail and perfectly happy just watching TV and movies. But I have to get up every workday and go to the office just to earn a paycheck.

My teams won two Emmys last weekend. As usual, I was not there at the ceremony; I eschew such events.

I was verbally abused by my supposed supervisor last Tuesday at 4:40 p.m. He came into my office and screamed at me for a decision I had made earlier that day -- to take down a post about a young immigrant man who overcame difficult circumstances and challenges to graduate from college. His parents did not know the details of his life but when they found out, via our post, they went crazy. He begged us to take down the post.

I have been making these types of decisions for five years at KQED. There are dozens of such cases every year, each of them different. I try to use compassion when I make these decisions. As a result, on Tuesday, I was subjected to verbal abuse of the type I have never before experienced professionally, not even from Jann Wenner.