Saturday, July 27, 2019

Family Events

Dylan and Meghan are on their way to Iceland today! His first trip outside of the U.S. since 8th grade.

Tomorrow we celebrate Luca's 11th and Leif's 10th birthdays.

Monday Laila, Loic & kids fly to Barcelona and then drive through rural France.

Me? It's a Saturday & I have no plans. I have eaten two bagels and am watching CNN. Will switch to a movie soon.


Friday, July 26, 2019

Political Ambitions and Fakery

Like most political junkies, I am trying to read the confusing signals this political season. That there are too many Democratic candidates is obvious.

When I assess a candidate, it is visceral. As a voter do I like or trust him/her? What ideas does the candidate have that resonate with me.

One thing I easily detect is a fake smile. Those with political ambition often adopt fake smiles, as if they are more joyful than is actually the case.

Others adopt fake gestures in order to appear forceful.

Fake ideas can be harder to discern, but there are plenty of those being propagated.

My conclusion at this point is that there is no effective Democratic candidate to run against Trump -- yet.

But there are plenty of posers.


Thursday, July 25, 2019

Pastrami on Rye, Loaded

The wonderful Dan Zoll, senior editor of Forum at KQED, brought me my favorite sandwich for lunch today. This is the last day for many of the radio folks to work out of the old Mariposa building before moving to the new Beale Street headquarters.

Soon, the occupational therapist is due. The OT determines whether you are physically capable of taking care of yourself.

I am!



My kids have emerged as my primary caretakers, plus a few friends and the home healthcare team. Having meals with people several times a week keeps me fresh and alert. I watch a lot of TV and rented movies, play fantasy baseball, communicate widely, work on my memoir, and keep this blog.

I try to post daily here now I am not going to work each day. I take my meds and get dressed, cook meals, pay bills. All the little things most people do. I do not need help showering or getting into and out of bed. But the healthcare people warn it will takes months to recover my strength.

One nurse said she is not sure I will, given that my legs, usually strong, seem to be weakening these days.

I have enough in retirement funds to last without income for a while; who knows exactly how long. I'm still consolidating my accounts. So I refuse to worry about money. Except for our meals out, I am frugal.

All in all, I feel lucky and hopeful.


Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Nice Wednesday

Went to Boogaloo's this morning with Aidan, Dylan, Julia and Kelsey. One of our favorite brunch venues. Eggs and home fries.

Then ate as lunch a goulash made by my buddy Alex Emslie. That is a dish that originated in Hungary, according to the Internet.

Don't feel like writing much today. Watching TV and movies. Boy, that Mueller hearing was boring...


Monday, July 22, 2019

A Sad Loss

Julia and Aidan told me yesterday that Brisdell Hunte passed on last month when I was ill. Brisdell was the wife of Chris Doyle and the mother of Eva and Ian. Eva played on Julia's soccer team and was a classmate at Synergy.

For one special year, Aidan was the girls' soccer coach. One girl never showed up for practice. As he had been taught by his coaches he rarely played her in games.

When the girl's father berated Aidan for this at a game, Brisdell came up afterward and told Aidan, "Don't worry about him. Keep doing what you're doing."

Brisdell, like me, was a worrier about our kids. When someone was assaulting young women and girls in the 24th Street area (near Synergy), Eva and Julia were just old enough to walk home after school.

Their family lived on one side of Bernal; Connie and our kids on the other.

Brisdell and I agreed to drive them home for a while due to the danger in the area. We also tooK turns driving them to soccer games and practices.

She was always a calm and special presence. A fellow parent and worrier. I miss her.


Yesterday's Events

Wonderful lunch with Julia, Aidan and Kelsey at Salumeria. I had a fancy grilled cheese sandwich and pickles. Julia is volunteering at an art gallery; Aidan's waiting for clearance to start work as an EMT/ambulance driver.

My home health care is now headquartered out of SF, not Concord. The nurse came by and said I need a life alert button, power of attorney, and to strengthen my legs. She said it's time for me to retire.

I need some new movies to watch. This retired schtick is getting boring. I can only write my memoir for so long.


Sunday, July 21, 2019


We sold my car (Loic did it) yesterday for $300. I bought it in 2003 for over $20,000.

I loved that car for many years but stopped driving about a year ago. It's been a second car for the Comolli's ever since.

Traffic is so congested in the Bay Area that I felt my driving had come a hazard.

So, good bye Saturn and I hope your new owner appreciates you!