Saturday, March 16, 2013

Decision Weekend

This is the time when kids around here are supposed to find out which colleges or high schools they have gotten into. My high school senior got bad news -- he was not accepted at his first choice for college.

My youngest child got no news -- the local school system is so inept it did not get the notices out in the mail early enough yesterday for them to be delivered today by the U.S. postal system. So she has no idea yet where she will be attending high school in the fall.

By the time you are my age, the pending transitions seem momentous, even though you know that way back there, at their ages, these decisions by society seem far, far greater than they actually are.

I'm quite certain my kids will thrive at whatever school they move on to. My job as their parent is to reassure them that this will be true -- or that if it proves to be untrue, we will do something about that.

Did I mention that I am retiring next month. Yes, I have reached "full retirement age," as defined by the Social Security Administration.

Once I "retire," I intend to get back to work, of course. There will never be a retirement for the likes of me.


Thursday, March 14, 2013


At least I'm writing again. :) These are tumultuous times. Projects and companies I've devoted years to have collapsed, I've got a kid diagnosed as ADD, my hands are covered with cuts from a cat who hates to be given the steroid pills orally that are saving his life.

Suddenly, I have the freedom and burden of time on my hands. Of course, more startups than I ever could cover want to meet with me, but for my own sanity and in order to limit the losses of blogging for peanuts, I have to say no to most of them.

Also the two day a week babysitting of my grandkids turned out not to make sense, so here is a photo album of our recent visits, all of which were special:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Econ 101, Democracy, and Hope

Apologies to anyone stopping by here that I've been posting infrequently lately, although according to Google, that is absolutely no one. That's right, their analytics say I have zero visitors.

Oh well, I was always writing this to perfect my memoir voice, after all, and it would be best if stopped blogging and got down to memoir writing, for all of our sakes.

This has been just satisfying enough to remove the pressure that otherwise would have built up to actually write somethng tangible, and hopefully, monetizeable.

It's spring. The cat is recovering. My high school senior will know by this weekend which colleges have accepted him (six so far). He's also in love.

I have found a company for him to invest in. He's interested in economics, the economy, the stock market, interest rates, investments, loans, financing. More on that soon...

These are new interests, based (as usual at his age) on a great teacher and a course (American Democracy) taught through the lens of economics.

Democracy all boils down to economics, of course. I'm rereading White House Burning in that context.


Last night, at an awards ceremony, I saw old friends, including one who won a career achievement award. He thanked lots of people for helping him early on, including me, three decades ago.

Three decades!

If you are younger than 40 and reading this, trust me, time relentlessly pushes you sideways (or backwards) as it marches on, caring not how that makes you feel.

Each new season brings rewards. Tonight, at 70 degrees, my backyard plum tree's leaves are sprouting before my eyes.


Talking about investments with my son gives me hope. The company I will help him invest in is about hope, about our common future. It's about democracy.