Saturday, August 25, 2018

Political Developments

Well, it was quite a week, with the conviction of Trump's former campaign manager and the guilty plea by his former lawyer/fixer.

Nancy Pelosi visited our station and denounced Trump's "culture of corruption."

The extent of that corruption is just becoming apparent. Younger people ask me whether this is worse than Watergate. As I think about it, this is much worse than Watergate because in that case, no one accused the President (Nixon) of being personally corrupt.

Rather, he presided over and directed a coverup of a burglary.

Trump, by contrast, appears to be mired in many layers of corruption. I fear we have a President so evil and compromised that there may be little we can do to correct the situation.

Impeachment may be the only solution. Pelosi said the Democrats need 23 seats in this fall's election to take back control of the House. It is the House of Representatives that can issue an impeachment order.

(The Senate has to convict.)

I can see no other course than impeachment now. A sitting President cannot be indicted, apparently.

Trump's arrogance is apparent. He thinks he can get away with anything and maybe, sadly, he can. If the Dems fail to retake the House, he will have at least two more years to continue this horror show.

Meanwhile, Special Counselor Robert Mueller continues to close in on Trump. As a former investigator myself I recognize his strategy. He has charged and/or convicted the lower level people around Trump to flip the higher-ups. He already has Cohen, the lawyer, accusing Trump of crimes in his payoffs of his mistresses.

Trump must feel like a caged animal now, with the walls of the cage moving in on him.


Sunday, August 19, 2018

Family Party for Julia

Lovely Julia (with the short hair) goes back to college on Tuesday and we had an unusually big family party last night, where all six of my children and their partners and all six of my grandchildren were in one place at one time.
It is a remarkable family -- multiracial, multicultural and with so many personalities and inclinations. Laila and Loic and their three kids are panning to move to France for six months a year from now, where the kids will go to schools where the only language is French. Loic has always spoken to them in French, so they understand it, but they rarely speak it...except when they are in France.

What an adventure! They are all dual French and American citizens.

Sarah's three boys started school this past week; Laila's son and two daughters start tomorrow.

A great deal of attention last night was paid to Claire's belly, where she and Peter have a little girl growing, due to be born October 14.

Aidan and Kelsey arrived, as did Dylan and Meghan at our party eventually after they had a birthday party for Meghan at Dolores Park.