Saturday, September 22, 2018

Things That Give Me Hope

Yesterday I gave modest contributions to a "walk-a-thon" competition that my two youngest grandsons, Leif and Oliver, will be competing in. They both led their grades in laps last year; Oliver in spite of injuring his ankle and limping to the finish line.

That brings me to consider the nature of true competition, as opposed to the false competition capitalism imposes on us, and which victimizes us as we age and become vulnerable. True competition is the drive to compete against ourselves -- to be the best we can be instead of something less.

The vision of little Oliver competing against himself last year inspires me. This is a little boy with a beautiful smile, an inner joy that his mother, Sarah Daisy, cultivates.

I am having a tough time at work, but I am determined to follow my youngest grandson's example and soldier on. I have always been extremely competitive -- not against others but against my weaker self.

I know I can still do better, be better, accomplish more. And I owe that to my family and society.


Friday, September 21, 2018

Old Folks

At this point in my career, it feels like I shouldn't have to prove anything.

But companies are cruel to older people.

I go in every day, do my job(s), and answer the many questions staffers, interns and others ask. I think I am still doing what I have always tried to do -- help others. After all, I am an ex-PCV. (Peace Corps Volunteer.)

Yesterday it was announced that my digital unit is being dismantled, and the remnants being assigned to other managers. The person in charge is one of the worst managers I have ever suffered under, and believe me, I have seen many bad managers.

Why is this happening? We have built a great team, won every award imaginable and done fabulous work. Because he thinks I am old and vulnerable and he is moving in for the kill.

This world simply makes no sense to me any longer.