Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Building Blowout

Studying the polls and the math, I'm convinced that if the election were held today, Clinton would win with some 330 electoral votes and probably close to 50 percent of the popular vote to about 42 percent for Trump.

It could easily get worse for Trump at this point. The multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump are eroding his support among many sectors of the electorate, not just women. This kind of behavior offends many men as well.

The mainstream media -- CNN, Washington Post, New York Times -- have definitively turned against Trump, not so much out of a liberal bias but out of concern that he represents a dangerous authoritarian streak that threatens American democracy.

As always, the people will decide, not the media.


Friday, October 14, 2016

Lunch and Tour

For the first time in ten years, Peter is back here living in San Francisco and today, after a job visit here in the Mission, he came by KQED and we had lunch. Then I gave him a tour of the office, where he met my staff members, saw television and radio control rooms, and got a sense of the energy in our newsroom.

What a wonderful thing to have my oldest son nearby again!

We also got a dusting of rain today, very welcome, with a promise of much more on the way...


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mid-Week Get-Together

Left work mid-day and took my youngest to the Verizon store on Mission Street, where we have been going for years. She wanted a new phone, the iPhone 6 Plus, I believe.

Here she is with it.

We also had a nice long chat about school, applying for college, the election (the first one she can vote in!) and her upcoming birthday (18!).

It was one of the best visits we've had in a while.