Saturday, May 13, 2017


As I age, it is getting more difficult to keep writing. I do not know why. But almost every day I try and usually I fail.

My upstairs neighbors are away on a trip and asked me to water the plants. So I woke up early, went up to their apartment and watered every plant I could find. They like flowers.

Then I went out in the backyard and watered everything there.

It is a Saturday, the start of a weekend. i have no commitments, which is a blessing. I think I am going to watch old movies until the sports games come on, and do little else.

I am 70 years old. I am an old man. Things slow down at this age and that is probably a good thing.


Sunday, May 07, 2017

Patty Hearst, the SLA and Me

The four-person film crew from Bat Bridge Ent. in Austin, Texas, showed up a bit before 9 this morning to film me talking about the first big story of my journalism career. They stayed a few hours and we went back 43 years to the night the SLA kidnapped Patty Hearst.

My memory was pretty good, probably because I've been interviewed by three teams now on the topic. (Jeff Toobin's fine book is a good read on the topic. The other team was from HBO.)

Going back so far dredges up other memories about how I felt and thought in that era and how much I've learned in the decades since. Now I'm 70, and have been a journalist since I was 19, there are many, many stories I can tell and I am happy to do so when people ask.