Thursday, December 18, 2014


Every time I write a post like my last one, debating whether to stop, I suddenly start finding little reasons to continue. It might be sighting a hummingbird in the backyard, or a pretty woman smiling at me on the street, a conversation with a neighbor, or the patterns the wet leaves make on the sidewalk as I walk back and forth to my job.

All that happened to me today!

It's only a blog. It gets barely any traffic -- a visit or two a day. In its heyday many people read this but that was then.

Now is now. I'll keep going, for now.

Happy holidays.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Time to End This?

I am truly not sure this blog is serving any real purpose any longer. There was a time it was infused with energy. I thought I had found away to communicate through my own personal lens about issues and dilemmas that touch all of us.

But I was a lot younger then than I am now. And my energy, to be frank, is waning. It is hard to muster the strength to write anything of any interest beyond my own family. My focus is inward, not outward.

I am working in a very demanding job. Actually, I have the equivalent of three jobs. Physically, it is proving hard to hold up.

Truly, at this point, the most rewarding moments of life are the little things. Very small and personal and inside the family. I do not think sharing them is likely to be useful to anyone reading this words.

I am old beyond my age. My body hurts in more ways than I would ever admit. My mind wanders. If this were a public blog, which it is not, the world would deserve better.

The very, very few of you who read this crap deserve better. I just feel too old, too ill and too exhausted by my day job to continue this blog.

I think it is time to sign off. I've tried to do this before, but I think this is finally the year. I've been publishing for 49 years, come January.

Maybe enough is enough.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday Time

Really happy to have my two tall redheads at home for the winter break. Crossing fingers for their report cards. Cooked spaghetti last night. Went to Best Buy this morning. Looking forward to the holidays.

Life is good here.