Saturday, March 30, 2019

Up So Early

I seem stuck at waking up at 3 a.m. these days. The result is I am perpetually exhausted.

There are two choices left. To focus on what I cannot any longer do or to focus on what I can.

The former is the longer list.

But I can still write. So I must focus on that.


Friday, March 29, 2019

Transition Moment

Today was my last day as a full-time worker over the vast majority of the past 50 years. I woke up tired and weak after a rough night, but starting this weekend every one will be a three-day weekend.

We have good Newsroom show tonight, including a fascinating segment on animal emotions.


Thursday, March 28, 2019

Visual Stories

Here is a link to our weekly TV news show:

Years ago, when at CIR, I worked on a story called Operation Wigwam, with colleagues, I started using film clips to inform my writing style. Then came my years in Hollywood, writing stories, screenplays and consulting.

The thing about TV and movies is that the story has to keep moving. It is a linear equation -- left to right. It cannot ever really stop.

Like life, until it does.

So whenever you are producing for TV, you have to be able to imagine the visual arc of the story in question. It is the same, of course, with online videos, which I also supervise at KQED.

What is the visual story?

 That is the question.


Sleepless in San Francisco

Lately I've been waking up at 3, 4 a.m. after a few hours sleep, then unable to get any more. They say older people don't need as much sleep but this is ridiculous.

This is my last week of full-time work, presumably ever. I have been having nightmares about how to get to KQED's new office starting in July. It's way downtown on the waterfront.

That may sound attractive to a younger person but not to me. I major attraction to my job these past six years is that I can walk to work. Walking is free.

The alternatives are not, although Muni is cheap. I just don't know if, physically, I can endure the ordeal of it.


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Yesterday's Lunch

Aidan and Kelsey came by yesterday, handled my prescriptions and banking needs, and we had a nice lunch. We caught up on family news.

Yesterday was my oldest granddaughter Sophia's birthday. She is now 8!

Later, there was a soft rain when I walked home.


The backyard here is all cleaned up. I'm appreciating the de-cluttered apartment, thanks to the work of Peter and Dylan.

Starting next week my work hours will be cut back to four part-days per week. I'll take Mondays off.

I'll have to get to work on that memoir!