Saturday, April 20, 2019

The 2020 Race

Biden is set to jump in. He and Sanders lead in the polls. But can an old white man beat the other old white man incumbent?

I doubt it. The Democrats would be wise to unite under a younger candidate, IMHO, and provide a stark contrast to Trump.


Another Weekend Arrives

On Thursday, my son Aidan went on his first ride-along in an ambulance as part of his EMT training. He said they picked up several people who were drunk or on drugs and also someone with a heart problem. He said he enjoyed it.

From the time he was tiny, his Mom and I noticed a certain quality Aidan has: empathy. He always seems to understand what other people are experiencing, feeling.

When you meet him, and say "How are you?" He always answers, "How are YOU?" I think he will make a great EMT, paramedic and firefighter.

He's got the right stuff to help people. And I am proud of him for that, and a lot of other reasons.


Sunday, April 14, 2019


My birthday today. Nice party at Connie's with a lot of the family. Yesterday, two visits from good friends. Tomorrow, a Monday, which means a day off.