Saturday, July 06, 2013

Plane Crash

The life of a journalist on a day like this? I thought t would be a lazy Saturday, watching baseball on TV. It wasn't. Here were the posts I created at KQED:

07/06/2013   Airplane Crash/Sandberg

07/06/2013   Airplane Crash/Raul

07/06/2013   Airplane Crash/Live Blog

Personally, my heart goes out to those who lost family or friends or have injured relatives and friends. What a terrible tragedy.


Thursday, July 04, 2013

Family Projects

I know it's the 4th of July and a time to get all patriotic and all that (yawn) but I'm going to get all family instead. BTW, I have no problem at all with all of the folks setting off fireworks here in the Mission -- Happy Birthday, America! Way to go, richest country on earth. Congratulations for once again hogging our common resources and contributing to global climate change. Yeah! Way to go!

Do not get me wrong. I love my country but I love my family much, much more. The above is a "magazine clutch" my youngest designed from a DIY kit. The photo gets bigger if you click on it, but it's basically a page of New Yorker comics. Those who usually make these clutches choose fashionable magazine covers that make them appear cool.

Julia chose a different option. There's not much cool about her clutch, unless you appreciate political irony. In that event, this is the coolest of cool, and also the essence of what makes this country great.
Here she is, modeling her work. What a wonderful artist she is!

Happy Independence Day, everyone!


Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Up and Down; the Teeter-Totter of Life

We all know there are good days and bad days. Yesterday felt like a good day. Today did not.

For the first time since moving in here, my landlady announced she is raising my rent. Now I should be grateful, right? But the truth is over the past decade I've often been more like a building manager than simply a tenant. She's had a steady, loyal tenant who managed difficulties when she was MIA.

Nevertheless, rents have risen dramatically in this end of town so she is opportunistically hitting me with an 8 percent increase. That pretty much turns the 12-month year into a 13-month year for me when it comes to paying my rent, which on a fixed income is difficult.

My expectation of having landed a new job also hit at least a speed bump today. I can't even discuss the details. It's just confusing, disorienting, and stressful. After I heard the news, my chest started hurting and it kept hurting all day.

Tonight, trying to relax, I watched the Giants get no-hit and fall into last place. So, bad news comes in threes, they say, and that is plenty for one day.

If I can get a job, after four years of looking, I can afford the rent increase. As for baseball, the season is only half over. My goal is to remain hopeful and set an example for my kids.


Monday, July 01, 2013

Summertime Dad's Monday

Today I had a lunch meeting downtown, in what is called Soma here in SF -- the neighborhood where many of the hot tech startups are located. My youngest went along with me, not to join in the meeting, but to shop.


This is a first for her, and for me.

This is the age, when you are the father of a young daughter, that you have to start letting them have experiences out in the city. Of course, all I do is worry, but I've also explained to her, the best I can, about the hazards. Trying to prepare her for the crap that is always out there.

Today, she did just fine. She found some things she liked, bought them, and was waiting for me at her favorite store when my lunch was over.

It's a process, right? A decade from now she may be a hard-charging entrepreneur like the young woman I had lunch with, or more likely, someone working on social issues or with animals, but older, more mature, more confident about her ability to find her own way around the world.


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Family Album: BBQ Sunday

All six of my kids and five grandkids came together today in the East Bay. The weather was lovely and the company incomparable. Food delicious. A perfect Sunday.