Thursday, December 15, 2016

Family Trees and Rains

My sisters and I are trying to help my oldest daughter research our family tree(s). It appears we have a geat deal of information for both the Weir and Anderson/Wishart sides. If it ever becomes available in a digital form I will post it here.

Both of my parents were immigrants, my mother from Scotland and my father from Canada -- coming to Detroit in the 20s. I was born in the 40s and grew up in the 50, went to college in the 60s, and moved to SF in the 70s.

Have been here ever since except for one year in D.C.

Of course I am only one branch of their shared family tree.


Rainy and windy here today and tonight. Saw my oldest son this morning and he drove me to work. He's going to start working at Yelp next month.

I've been busy ordering presents for my children and grandchildren. This is a time of year I enjoy.


Sunday, December 11, 2016

My Cowboy Past

Courtesy of my cousin Dan, here is a photo of him, his brothers and me from the early 50s. I am on the far right, with the cowboy hat and gun. I remember getting that outfit but not when or why.

For me, getting together with my three Anderson cousins was always a highlight -- relatively rare (because they usually lived in other states) but fun. Not having any brothers of my own, they were like brothers to me.

Happy holiday season, everyone!