Friday, October 09, 2015

My Week

Dylan has been here most of the week; he is looking for work and playing video games with Aidan in Missoula. I stayed home of Wednesday, mainly to spend time with him. Technology helps them keep their relationship strong. I love that.

He and have gotten food from Mexican and Chinese restaurants, plus I have cooked spaghetti twice, including tonight.

Like most older people I had a health scare this week. I do not think very many young people understand what it is like to be in your late 60s, but my staffers seem to be able to, mainly because I have been open with them.

I went to my doctor yesterday and it appears things are okay for now. The tests came back mainly positive with a few indications of concern. But for now I seem to be okay.

Up in Napa, Julia and I have talked about a company called JustFab that she bought some shoes from 18 months ago. Ever since then, it turns out, they have been billing my credit card $39.95/month. I am sorry to say I have so many charges to that card that it took me until Wednesday to figure this out.

Since she was a minor when she made her (one) purchase 18 months ago, and they have been ripping us off ever since, the offered to refund me twleve of those payments. The rest they offered as purchases.

We accepted their offer. So Julia has $160 in clothes on the way; I am not sure what kind of mixed message this is sending her...

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Weekend Pace

A friend stopped by for tea. She is Japanese and often visits me on Saturdays. She took two copies of my book, Circle of Poison, one in Japanese and one in English, for a class she is taking on critical thinking and essay writing. I love that that book is still relevant for people.

Then I met a friend from work at the Atlas Cafe. First time I'd been there in a while. We ran into another friend from work while there.

Back home, my youngest son and I watched the baseball game on TV. The Giants did not make the playoffs so these last games are meaningless on one level. But somehow that makes them even more enjoyable to watch.

It's just the pure beauty of the game.

I got up early and did our weekly (or now bi-weekly) shopping trip. Bags of groceries and supplies. There were no lines and plenty of parking spaces.

As I unloaded the bags from the trunk of my old car, I spoke with my neighbor and heard the sound of a bird singing.