Saturday, April 23, 2016

Grandchildren Visit Again

Laila and I have settled on Thursdays as the time she will bring Luca, Sophia and Daisy over for a visit and dinner. This week she brought chicken soup to stay within my dietary restrictions. we had a very nice afternoon and evening together.

Yesterday I drove downtown in the rain for my followup appointment. Everything is healing well and no sign of infection.

Today my friend Tomoko stopped by for tea.

Now I am settling in to watch some political news and baseball...


Monday, April 18, 2016

Recovery Period

Staying home from work, hoping to recover from the operation on Friday. It's slower than I'd hoped for. I'm weak and tired.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Who's Afraid of Donald Trump?

In recovery mode here after dental surgery. Nice, long talk with Aidan in Missoula. He described his recent trip with Zaira to Glacier National Park. They hiked 13 miles the first day! He also has found a private gym he likes better than the campus gym for his workouts. He's getting all A's and B's in his classes, firmly focused on social work as a career, and looking forward to driving his car home for the summer.

Zaira and Mika (their cat) will sit in the back seat. If the cat can see one of her owners she will be more comfortable, he said.

Talking with him, while we are apart, gives me great comfort. He is such a wonderful young man, with such great perspective. I love him.


As usual, I am following the election campaigns, and I have a confession to make. I do not hate or fear Donald Trump. I am starting to get what he is about, I think, and why people like him. It is hard to dismiss a man whose oldest daughter, Ivanka, obviously adores and respects him. And vice versa. There is long piece in today's NYT about her.

I have long found her an enigma. Why would a feminist businesswoman in Manhattan defend a man like Trump? She has her answers.

Among the candidates, I dismiss Cruz as someone who could never win. I like Kasich. I am now okay about Trump. I am okay about Clinton. After talking it all through with Dylan and Julia, my first choice is Sanders.

But, truth be told, none of these candidates excite me, at least not yet.