Friday, August 30, 2019


All three of my sons and I have beards. Yesterday Aidan showed me how his has been trimmed by a barber. He said he could take me there sometime.

I've never had a beard trimmed by a barber.



I hope to see my grandson Leif play soccer at Beach Chalet this weekend.

Officially, I retire on Sunday.

It's been a long career. It is time for it to end.


Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Another Special Visit

Today an old friend and co-founder of CIR, Lowell Bergman, came by for a visit.

He's working on a memoir and has terrific stories to tell.

For some reason, my home health care continues: I thought it ended Monday, but a new nurse came by and said my BP was 125/70.


Tuesday, August 27, 2019

What I Am

I order my food weekly from Safeway.

Recently, one of the people who bring my order into my kitchen saw the huge painting of "Tanya's World" in my living room and was impressed.

I gave him a copy of Rolling Stone with the story (and a photo of the painting) and he got excited  and asked me to sign it. So I did, though my signature these days is a wiggly line with dots, so really it could be anyone's.

"My sisters will love this" is what he said.

"I've met a celebrity," he also said.

"No," I corrected him. "You've met a storyteller."



On Saturday a friend came by and we had lunch. On Sunday Aidan and Kelsey took me to brunch.

Yesterday, two KQED friends visited and one made me a quesadilla.

Then I discussed my retirement with a KQED official.

For hours, I felt too weak to stand up, but after eating, I felt more the way I do inmost days.